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Andreas Belic aka Andi Teller, Labelchef von Omega Music Productions, verfiel der elektronischen Musik schon in jungen Jahren, und ist seit dem mit Herz und Seele dabei. Mit 18 kaufte er das erste Equipment, und schon kurze Zeit später folgten die ersten Releases auf Labels wie Bad Brains, Friendly Fire oder Frown.

Mit seinem straighten Hardtechno beschallte er nicht nur renomierte Clubs wie das Butan oder das U60311, sondern auch Festivals wie Nature One oder Syndicate. Wenn Andi Teller spielt ist es nicht nur Hardtechno, es ist Hearttechno!


Andreas Belic aka Andi Teller developed affinity for electronic music in his early years. No surprise he bought his first equipment at the age of 18 and he started his own partys named "Distorted Experience".

After gigs in famous clubs like the Butan Club in Wuppertal or the U60311 in Frankfurt he decided to spent some time in producing his own tracks. Months later he released his first EP on BADBRAINS. Until now he has a lot of released tracks and remixes from artists like Boris S. or Arkus P.on labels like Friendly Fire Records, Frown Records and GNot. 2010 Andi founded the label Omega Music Productions which has got more than 30 releases until today. Leading artists of the worldwide Hardtechno scene like Buchecha, OBI, Boris S., Frank Kvitta, Minupren and DJ Hammond released on Omega Music Productions.

Ever since he is rocking the dancefloor both national and international at events like Syndicate, Nature One, Ruhr in Love or famous clubs like the Airport in Würzburg. When Andi Teller is playing it's not only Hardtechno - it's Hearttechno!